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The following objectives are specifically identified:

  • To work in the field of education, literacy, art & culture. Economic development, skill development, increase awareness of various ailments of the society at large, and work towards their mitigation.
  • Create Focus Groups on each subject area, including specialists, and experienced business personnel,
  • To interact with the State Government departments and any other agencies, in respects of schemes which help the under privileged sections of the society.
  • To affiliate with other societies, clubs, organizations, associations, both national and international, with objectives similar to the Trust.

ADI recognizes the fact that many efforts are currently being initiated, both by Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations in a number of areas for development in Assam. To this end ADI intend to support and augment these initiatives through mutual agreements, and where feasible, learn and support for expanding similar initiatives to new areas across the state.