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ADI Project "Value based Education & Child Development" moves to Implementation Phase

ADI prepares to move into the Implementation phase of their Value based Education (VbE) project

Reported by: Hiren Sarma, Houston, Texas on July 16,2018


The newly appointed VbE Project Director Archana Barthakur organized two seminars, one at Geetarthi School Jorhat and the other at Assam Jatiya Bidyalay Noonmati Guwahati on May 15,2018 and June 10,2018 respectively. The intent of the seminars was to update the participating schools on the proposed implementation process.

The following schools attended the seminar at Jorhat:

     # Muktab Adarsha LP school

     # Balya Bhawan

     # Githarthi Bidyalaya

      # Shemford Futuristic school

The participating schools from Guwahati were:

     # Assam Jatiya Bidyalay, Noonmati

     # Guwahati Refinary High School, Noonmati

     # New Guwahati Adarsha High School, Bamunimaidam

     # Gurukul Grammar Senior Secondary School, Geetanagar

Dr. Barthakur explained the implementation process to a team of Management including Principal, Teachers, and Guardians from each school. The entire project has been divided into 2 steps; a 3-year Pilot project extending to full implementation in additional 2 years. The Pilot project itself will be divided to Phase I and Phase II. Dr. Barthakur has outlined these 2 Phases of the Pilot project as follows:

Phase I - ‘VALUE based EDUCATION’ (VbE) is defined as education that is conducted on the basis of (i) a set of explicit values chosen by the stakeholders after due deliberation, (ii) the chosen values are practiced or attempted to practice by all the role models in letter and spirit, (iii) the chosen values are fully integrated or attempted to be integrated into the organizational design of the school/college/university, its practices, procedures, rules, norms, communication patterns, interpersonal relations, planning and problem-solving practices, and events, celebrations,  rituals, AND the design of physical space & its utilization, and finally the rituals the organization observes; (iv) the chosen values are fully integrated with all the curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Phase II - ‘VALUES EDUCATION’ (VE) is defined as any organized and systematic educational effort to inculcate a set of chosen values in a group of students

While it is understood that peace, love, respect, tolerance, honesty, humility etc. are common universal Value based traits, the participating schools will be given freedom to choose their own value priorities befitting their need for improvement.

Following the seminars, number of activities have been taken in hand by ADI;

1.0  A detail plan of implementation for Phase I of the Pilot Project has been prepared.

2.0  A standard MOU (non-legal) has been prepared.

3.0  Meeting with School Inspector at Guwahati is being arranged to obtain permission.

4.0  The detail plan and the MOU will be discussed with individual school at Jorhat and Guwahati with the intention of having a signed agreement (between each school and ADI)

5.0  Seeking out individual and Corporate sponsors to support the Pilot Project.

6.0  The VbE Project Director is currently engaged in resourcing the following personnel:

                   6.1  Two (2) Regional Coordinators, one each at Jorhat and Guwahati

                   6.2   Adequate number of Consultants to work with the schools on a regular basis. These Consultants will be trained by Dr. Barthakur in August